New 2019 Collection 'Forever Grateful'

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Hello!! If you follow me over on on Instagram @jacintapayneart, you may have noticed me hinting about my new 2019 collection.... and, well, it's finally ready!

They're a bright bunch, featuring lots of pink and blue - they have been created for a very special purpose... The "Forever Grateful" collection comprises 12 paintings, and these will be installed at Imaging Associates Mitcham, (located in Mitcham Private Hospital) from Friday 1st March 2019. I will be donating 20% of the proceeds of any sales of these paintings to @pinkhope 💗

The collection can be viewed/purchased on my website here and if you're local to Melbourne they can be viewed in person - just contact me by email or Imaging Associates Mitcham if you would like to arrange to pop in.
I'd love to be able to donate a whole bunch of money to #pinkhope, so please help me to get the message spread by sharing this post with a friend who loves bright colourful abstract art, especially pink and blue!! 🙏💗 Thank you so much if you're still reading! I know this is a long one! Xx

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