Minnie&Lou upcycled fabric face masks

Hello! This is me wearing a couple of my @minnie.and.lou masks. These two are my favourites, and the one in the second pic I have inserted a nose wire making it even more snug. These are the small size, and after lots of experimenting with sewing/pattern design, the small sizes are now made with pleats in, same as our other sizes have. This next round will also have an extra seam along the top incase you want to insert a wire to shape to the nose. (I've upcycled a paperclip for mine, which can be taken out prior to washing, and put back in after.) And after today's announcements (see excerpt below) we're thinking that the option to insert a wire is a good idea. 👌😷 
(E X C E R P T from today's latest announcements - 
"from tomorrow Victorians need a face mask that fits properly over your nose and mouth. That means face shields, scarves, and bandanas can no longer be used on their own."   
(Dan Andrews 27/09/2020) 
A little further info about Minnie&Lou masks:
Our handmade washable fabric facemasks are sustainably made in Melbourne Australia entirely from upcycled materials. ♻️
They come in large, medium & small size (which fits young teenagers or adults with small faces (like mine!). After some experimenting with fit and sizing, all our sizes are the type with the pleats which ensure nice a snug fit. We have had lots of feedback that our masks are very comfortable - read on for more information on why!
The masks are constructed of 3 layers. All our materials are upcycled. We have bought lots of clothes from Op shops over the years to use for making wheat packs and other things, and this is part of that stash. The ear loops are made from strips of stocking which is a very comfortable alternative to elastic. All materials are, of course, freshly washed first! And because the fabrics are preloved, they are nice and soft. We ensure the layer that is against your face is 100% cotton. There is a limited stock in each fabric due to the nature of upcycling. ♻️
Minnie&Lou upcycled fabric face masks

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