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Minnie&Lou's Upcycled fabric face masks on Ekko.world!


Fabric face masks.

More specifically, upcycled  fabric face masks. Handmade in Melbourne Australia by Minnie&Lou. 

Who would have thought we'd all be wearing face masks in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 2020! 

I certainly didn't dream I'd be making them! But here we are, and I must admit I um'd and ah'd about making masks... 'It doesn't go with the Minnie&Lou brand' I said. And, 'I'm not really an expert on the sewing machine'....

But actually, making them entirely from upcycled materials, including strips of cut up stockings for loops, absolutely is the Minnie&Lou ethos, and therefore goes with the brand;)

And participating in kitting up Victoria and indeed Australia with masks in such a time of need felt like the right thing to do.

So here we are. Making mask upon mask to help with this urgent requirement.

They are pretty fiddly to make, triple layered, pleated, but it's getting easier with practice.

There's more work in making one of these than you might think, have a look at our story highlights over at @minnie.and.lou on Instagram if you would like to see a few process videos. You might even decide to have a go yourself!

Anyhow we are so thrilled that our facemasks have been featured in Ekko.world's latest newsletter! 

And we're so happy to be donating 10% of the proceeds of all Minnie&Lou sales to Wildlife Victoria.

Read the Ekko.world article via the link below.


Read the full article here


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  • Karen Conte on

    Hi- I would like to order some masks. How do I go about this?

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