A collection of artworks that I made over a number of years as a response to the precarious environmental situation we find ourselves in. Depicting some of the impacts of the climate emergency, and relating to the deep connection of our species with all other living things. Illuminating the thought that what we do now affects the future, and conveying the beauty of vulnerable landscapes which need our protection and preservation. 

The works in this series were informed by memory and hope; the experiences of hiking in magnificent places, surrounded by majestic trees, ancient rocks, feeling the invigorating energy of nature.

I have used many ecologically focussed materials in this collection, including:

Reclaimed denim, cardboard, wire, repurposed canvases, charcoal, paint peelings from my palettes, vintage inks and watercolour paper that belonged to my late father, rusty found objects, and left over hair dye.