Bliss by Jacinta Payne, Melbourne Australia, MAVA Artist. Abstract Seascape.
Aqua turquoise seascape, modern art by Melbourne Artist Jacinta Payne
"Bliss I"
Sunset sea painting, modern contemporary art work by Jacinta Payne, Melbourne Australia
"Bliss I"
Jacinta Payne Art

"Bliss I"

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Abstract sea scape painting titled "Bliss I", (my all time favourite painting!) will be exhibited in a group show starting 9th November 2019 with the Melbourne and Victorian Artists Collective.  The exhibition will be held at 345AC, 345 Mont Albert Rd, Mont Albert, Victoria.

This is the first time this piece has been shown in public, because it's very close to my heart, and so its been in my studio hanging out with me. The story behind why it is my favourite painting, is that it was the first abstract painting I did that I was actually happy with, and didn't paint over. And there had been many of those! 

Completed in 2015, I worked on this piece on and off for a period of 18 months, all the while learning and experimenting, applying my prior knowledge and newfound expressionistic freedom to make a painting that I believe "worked".

This painting gave me the confidence that I could perhaps actually "be an abstract artist".

 And so begins the "Bliss" series. 



"Bliss I"
My roots in traditional painting and drawing inevitably evolving into an abstract expressionistic form, bringing more purpose and meaning to my art

Hours spent in the studio immersed in the process, making art that is compellingly true to myself. 

Revealing an undeniable emotion of "Bliss".


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