About Jacinta Payne

Jacinta Payne is a Melbourne based artist who aims to tread as lightly as she possibly can on our beautiful planet.  Endlessly inspired by nature, Jacinta hopes her art can bring joy while raising an awareness of the need to protect the earth as best we can.  

While her roots are in traditional art, it is in the process of abstraction that she feels most connected with her purpose.

'I like to experiment with different techniques and utensils to apply paint, and often I ditch the tools and use my hands to apply medium, which further connects me with the work.' 

An art practice that began during a childhood spent in the bush, growing up on the edge of Morton National Park in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  Collecting rocks, bark and leaves, spending countless hours immersed in nature.  Absorbing knowledge from the collective creativity of her family; observing her artist father painting landscapes, seascapes, & still-life and her brother painting Australian birds & wildlife, inspired in Jacinta an inevitable passion for making art.

You can see snippets of her daily art practice over on instagram:  @jacintapayneart