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10% of all retail sales throughout 2020 will be donated to Wildlife Victoria. 

About Jacinta Payne


I am a Melbourne based artist who aims to tread as lightly as I possibly can on our beautiful planet. I’ve been painting and drawing ever since I can remember, but  only realised in the last few years that it’s what I have to do, every day that I can.

So now I hope to share some of the beauty of this world as seen through my eyes and expressed through my art.

I have always loved to draw, particularly portraits, flowers and patterns. However it is when I am making abstract paintings that I feel most connected with my purpose. I like to experiment with different techniques and utensils to apply paint, and often end up using my hands, which further connects me with the painting.

I am totally inspired by nature, and have a passion for colour. I see colour combinations nearly every time I close my eyes. Just before I drift off to sleep I’ll often see a picture in my mind’s eye of a pattern, shape or colour combination (or all of the above) and I have to get up and sketch it or make a note about it, otherwise I can’t sleep. Sometimes these sketches will be the inspiration for my next painting or series.

Growing up in the Southern Highlands of NSW on the edge of Morton National Park, I have always felt a strong connection with the Australian bush. I feel very lucky to again live surrounded by bush, now in Victoria. This connection is so uplifting for me and gives me great inspiration to immerse myself in the paints and canvas.

In my childhood and early years my inspiration began with countless hours watching my dad painting landscapes, seascapes, still-life and equine portraits and my brother paint Australian birds & wildlife, and so began an ever evolving journey that has led me to pursue my art dream.
Thanks for your interest in my art.
You can see snippets of my daily art practice over on instagram:@jacintapayneart