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'Storm Breaks Over the Rye Paddock'

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"Storm breaks over the Rye Paddock", the painting I have made for #artforbales2019 was inspired by memories of Meryla, the home of my childhood. The paddock across the road was the starting point for many of our much loved bush walks, and the last time I was there, only a few months ago, it was unchanged; still a paddock full of rye grass as tall as my waist. 

I have an endless love for the Australian bush, having grown up on the outskirts of the NSW Southern Highlands, surrounded by dairy country, bush, and Morton National Park, so I'm very happy to be taking part in this wonderful cause #artforbales. I hope that we can raise a whole bunch of money for our #aussiefarmers again this year! If you love this painting and want to make it yours, stay tuned for the official sale event, on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th Oct 2019.

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