A couple of scenes from my 'Bushscapes and Moonlight' exhibition opening night.

So we had the opening of my 'Bushscapes and Moonlight' exhibition last night, Sunday 5th December 2021, and it was wonderful! 

Wonderful to be able to show some art in an actual physical space! It's hard to capture the same feeling in a photo as in the flesh, where you can get up really close and see the textures, the layers, and see the work from all angles. There's really no comparison. 
Tori Swedosh (local Warrandyte artist) did an amaaazzing job of organising everything and bringing it all to life!
 I was super nervous because I had to do a bit of a speech, and you know, it is hard to put your art up on view, a piece of your heart and soul, and then talk about it, and especially if you're an introvert! 
But that went ok I think, and especially since Tori spoke first and said such nice things about me and my work, and Derek made us feel so welcome in his beautiful place that is the Now & Not Yet Cafe! 
I am completely humbled and feel very honoured that 6 of my works sold on the opening night!! Thank you so much to the lovely folks who fell in love with a piece of my art and purchased it. It was so very nice meet so many people who my work connected with. 
Thank you to everyone who came along and helped to make the night awesome! Beautiful friends and other lovely local peeps that I got to meet and chat with. A few I didn't have a chance to chat with. 
And big thanks to all who helped with the preparations before hand, and on the night, and also Warrandyte Community Bank who provided Tori some funding to buy a few things like signage and the hanging rail system to set up her concept ~ the NaNY Gallery! 
Huge thanks to Derek Bradshaw, owner of Now & Not Yet, an amazing not-for-profit cafe, who provide help to those who need it.  Have a look at their website to learn about their wonderful story! 
And to Tori Swedosh, what a woman! Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your wonderful idea to showcase local art in this way, and for all the work you have done to make it happen! 
And last but definitely not least, my husband Richard and our kids, who are always so very supportive of what I do. 
I appreciate you. Love you. Thank you. Xx
(and Rich was a gun at hanging all the paintings up, being told by Tori and I "no, a cm to the left, a little lower, no a bit higher" etc!) 
Jacinta Payne Abstract Artist, Art Exhibition at Now & Not Yet Cafe Warrandyte, Melbourne Australia

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