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Inspiration from nature

Jacinta Payne

Posted on January 24 2020

The shape and patterns of the natural environment around me play a big part in my art practice.  Fallen leaves and branches, bark, twigs, rocks.

My next series is inspired by some eucalypt bark that was torn down from a beautiful Blue Gum tree on our property during a recent massive hail and wind event. 

Reflecting on the extremes we are experiencing with our changed climate, I plan to paint lots of landscapes this year, abstracts mostly, but representational of the bush and land where I lived as a child, on the edge of Morton National Park, in a place called Meryla. 

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  • Alicia : June 06, 2020

    I love how your art has a strong connection to nature, its shapes and forms and also expresses joy and gratefulness with such beautiful and cheerful colours. I also love that the products used in its creation are sustainable and recycled.

    I cant wait to receive my order. I know your art will look really beautiful in my house. Thank you!! Please keep bringing inspiration and beauty into the world with this gorgeous art you create.

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