Bushscapes & Moonlight Exhibition Collection

My 'Bushscapes and Moonlight' collection was exhibited at "NaNY Gallery" within the beautiful Now & Not Yet (NFP) Cafe in Warrandyte Victoria.  The exhibition ran from 5th December 2021 to 4th February 2022. Unsold works can be purchased by clicking on the images below. 

"Observing the understorey of the forest while bushwalking, my fascination lies with the ground, or at most, eye-level, where so many colours, patterns, shapes & textures draw my attention. A kaleidoscope of fallen leaves and twigs, bark, moss, and rocks. And beautiful wild flowers that pop up here and there. A flash of pink or a speck of purple or yellow through the scrub always requires closer inspection; a photograph, maybe a quick sketch.

Often the exact same spot will catch my eye on different days because of the way the light changes the scene so dramatically. I love the colours in the rocks of the hills and gullies, glowing in the afternoon light, or fading into shadow at dusk.

Moonrise brings yet another perspective.

And after rain, the colours of the bush are heightened, the browns darker, the greens brighter, the flowers almost iridescent against the wet ground.

And nothing beats the smell of the bush after the rain.

As impossible as it is to capture that scent, these paintings inspired by the local forest understorey, hopefully somehow capture the essence of the bush where we live.”

Jacinta Payne, Warrandyte, 2021.